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Extreme Visibility Manager
Network Automation, Insight, and Assurance

Extreme Networks Visibility Manager

Centralize the management of your network visibility infrastructure

Quick deployment and scale

Simplified maintenance and provisioning

Scale at business speed

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Simplified Management and Provisioning Service providers and enterprises deploy Network Packet Brokers (NPBs) to build monitoring networks that feed replicated traffic flows from production networks to monitoring and analytics tools. These monitoring networks often have an expansive, layered footprint of aggregation and core NPBs distributed across the network, creating numerous operational challenges. As the number of management endpoints grows, provisioning, configuring, and upgrading NPBs become more time-consuming and error-prone. In addition, several departments within the organization share the monitoring infrastructure, but each has its own visibility requirements. Providing access only to flows that are relevant to a particular group of users therefore becomes an important undertaking. With the growing adoption of Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), these challenges now also extend into the realm of virtualized networking and monitoring infrastructures.

Centralize Management of Network Visibility Infrastructure

Overview 2

Visibility Manager provides a centralized mechanism for managing Visibility products deployed network-wide. This software application features an easy-to-learn yet powerful point-and-click user interface that simplifies provisioning and maintenance, minimizing opportunities for human error. With a one-time deployment of the Visibility Manager, new network visibility nodes can be brought under management with minimal effort as the visibility infrastructure scales out.

Deploy with Ease and Scale at the Speed of Business

Overview 3

Visibility Manager is deployed on commodity server hardware or virtual machines. Its software-based architecture enables scale, enhanced programmability (via RESTful APIs), and simplified deployment cycles. Key benefits of Visibility Manager include:

  • Improved Operational Efficiency: The disaggregation of management and data plane functions ensures enhanced productivity, reduced operational costs, and improved operational efficiency.
  • Simplified Management: The centralized and intuitive approach to managing network visibility infrastructure reduces the learning curve as well as the time and effort required to provision, configure, and maintain the visibility infrastructure.
  • Reduced Opportunity for Human Error: The consistent and repeatable management approach abstracts the complexity and diversity of varied underlying Command Line Interfaces (CLI). This minimizes disruption from human error.
  • Scale at the Speed of Business: With reduced time and resource requirements for the deployment, provisioning, and maintenance of the visibility infrastructure, service providers and enterprises can scale their monitoring infrastructure as rapidly as the business demands.


Simplified Management and Provisioning

Administrative reduction in tasks

Become Agile and Efficient Across all Domains

Uses event-driven automation for adaptability to business requirements.

Learn about issues

Reduce IT Workloads

Automate the entire network lifecycle.

Integrate your network

Leverage the Power of DevOps

Integrate with existing toolchains and IT workflows cross-domain.


Download the Extreme Visibility Manager Datasheet (.PDF)


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