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Real-time Network and Application Insights from the Edge to the Data Center and into the Multi-Cloud

Keep your network secure with application visibility.

 Baseline application and user behavior for security

 Efficient root cause analysis

Shadow IT prevention

ExtremeAnalytics Center

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Eliminate Virtualization Blindspots and Monitor Application Flows to the Multicloud

Get visibility and analytics extended to virtual environments with our Virtual Sensor that can be easily deployed as a virtual appliance with support for vSphere Hypervisor. It gives you actionable business insight s into your virtual applications, monitors and optimizes virtual workloads, and by revealing shadow IT and unapproved virtual applications increases your network security. In addition, this granular visibility enables you to speedily troubleshoot virtual application issues.



Analyze Data Traffic Across Different Sites

ExtremeAnalytics enables you to see and analyze the traffic across your entire organization with Geo Location. It provides a geo map that gives visibility into the data traffic going between different sites. It answers questions on how the network is performing across all the sites, or who are the uses. It sends automatic alert s when an application slows down, helps identify root causes, and shows what users are impacted. In addition, you can see who the users of each site are and detect any anomalies that might point to a cyber attack.

Analyze and Record Suspicious Traffic for Security Forensics

Smart Packet Capture lets you capture data packets with a click of the mouse from a centralized console for any site. You can analyze data packets that look suspicious even when they exist for only a short time to keep your network secure



Understand what's running on your network, who is using them and the response time is for each application.

  • Granular insights into who is using what application, when, and where
  • Understand usage patterns to optimize applications
  • Invest only in applications that are being used
  • Analytics that do not slow down the network with application telemetry
  • Save cost by only installing analytics nodes at central location
  • Prevent shadow IT and block unwanted applications

Administrative reduction in tasks

Keep Your Network Secure with Real-Time Application Insights

Shows what applications are running on your network, sends alerts for performance issues and analyzes flows with data capture

Learn about issues

Deliver Exceptional Application Experiences

Optimizes your applications for experience and usage with context-based telemetry data.

Integrate your network

Enables You to Troubleshoot Fast, Find Root-Causes Quickly

Prevents service disruptions with pro-active performance alerts. Determines the root cause


Download the ExtremeAnalytics Datasheet (.PDF)

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