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Resilient, Cloud-based Location and Analytics Solution

ExtremeLocation Center

Engage your customers with scalable, multi-tier indoor location services.

 Scalable –up to 100,000 access points

 Powerful location accuracy

RESTful APIs for 3rd party application integration

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ExtremeLocation is a resilient and scalable cloud-based location and analytics solution offered by Extreme Networks as a subscription service, to align with your new business imperatives.

ExtremeLocation provides enterprises powerful multi-tier location services that can scale to thousands of branch sites. ExtremeLocation offers a range of granular location accuracy resolution from geo-fencing to microlocationing, to address various application scenarios with extensive realtime and historical location analytics, such as new and repeat visitors, engagement times, location of associates or assets, and specifics of site or zone performance.

Whether combined with Extreme's enterprise-grade wireless networking, or as an overlay with your existing network, ExtremeLocation is an easy to use cloud-based platform that helps you transform your business. Backed by Extreme Network’s industry-leading global support and services, ExtremeLocation simplifies the difficult task of supporting your business transformation goals

Dial-In Location Resolution for Optimum Results

ExtremeLocation provides a range of location resolution to let you tune the location services to the level of detail required. Use geo-fencing with GPS for demarcation around a facility for outdoor engagement, while indoor can be tuned from presence which detects a device, to a zone which locates a device in an area, to position, which provides exact location of the device and micro-location using BLE, ExtremeLocation lets you dial-in the level of granularity that meets your business needs.

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Powerful Analytics for Contextual Results

ExtremeLocation brings out the true value of locationbased services by delivering powerful analytics and trends which can be viewed by CMOs, store or venue manager or, extracted by campaign and policy engines via the RESTful APIs. ExtremeLocation provides extensive real-time and historical location analytics which can be chosen for a duration, including site, zone and associate analytics. Users can view real-time dashboards and monitor trends of sites, zones and associates, or scheduled reports to deliver the footfall trends to their e-mail in-box.

Site analytics provide trends for overall footfall (visits), bounced versus engaged, shopper engagement, loyalty customers and repeat and new visits.

Zone analytics allow you to collect additional insights within a site, into the department level, to help you understand the number of visits to a department, the number of engagements and unique visitors, identification of the top and bottom 5 departments, along with the customer engagement times within those departments. Motion path analysis helps venue owners to identify the movement of visitors in the venue as well as port of entry and exit, so that they can optimize the layout venue.


Understand what's running on your network, who is using them and the response time is for each application.

  • Know where your customers congregate and shop most
  • Create highly personalized customer experiences
  • Utilize your staff more efficiently
  • See the performance of each site or department
  • Analyze location patterns with real-time and historical location data

Administrative reduction in tasks

Create Highly Personalized Customer Experiences

Gives insight into customer preferences and traffic patterns.


Learn about issues

Utilize your Staff more Efficiently

Shows the location of your staff, so they can assist customers better.


Integrate your network

Gain Deep Usage Insights into your Business Locations

Demonstrates the performance of each site or department with real-time and historical location analytics.


Download the ExtremeLocation Datasheet (.PDF)


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